The first session of counseling

You might have probably consulted a counselor and you made the appointment to meet to talk about your issues but you are still wondering how it is going to be.  There are many things involved in the first sessions of counseling and most of these things depend on the problem that you are facing but generally, these are some of the things that you won’t miss on your first session of counseling:

Get to know you

The counsellor is always interested in building trust to their client and this helps the client to open up to them. The session will start by getting to know about you- don’t worry not so much personal details will be discussed. It is just getting to know your name, where you come from, and the problem that you are facing.

Get to know the counsellor

The counsellor will be able to tell you a bit about themselves, they will do this as a way of building trust that you are in the right hands and that by the end of all the sessions, you will surely receive the best help. Still, not so much personal details is shared. The counsellor will just probably share his professional details. You will surely develop the trust that this is the right person to help you.

Share your problem

Now that you know the person that you are talking to and you have built the trust that whatever that is going to be talked in any sessions remains confidential, the next step is to share your problem. Be willing to share every little detail of your problem. The counsellor is willing to help you but they need to know the bottom cause of your problem. If you leave out some parts untold, it might become challenging to get the desired help.  Simply share your problem

Let the counselor help you

Now that you have shared everything with the counsellor, the counsellor will determine from a professional level how to help you. They might decide that you have many sessions such that everything is tackled so well. At the end of it all, the counsellor will surely help you.

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