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Relationship counsellor Uganda is a marriage or relationship counselor in Uganda.

We offer counseling services to couples and Singles.

We offer amazing relationship, marriage,family and other counseling services in Uganda.

Our counseling services cover all the parts of the country. We are based in Kampala Uganda but if you are in any part of Uganda like Entebbe, Wakiso, Mbarara, Gulu; we can serve you by video or audio calls.

“Very great help from Aisha.”

Our counseling approach.

Our counseling approach is based on Psychotherapy, we always seek to understand the different psycho social and emotions aspects of an individual life. We offer professional counseling services and everything discussed remains confidential. Simply enjoy our healing talk counseling services.

Marriage counselors in Kampala Uganda.

Our relationship counseling is based on the world-renowned Gottman Method for couple counseling. The Gottman method was developed by  Dr.John and Julie Gottman in Seattle and is based on 40 years of research examining characteristics of successful relationships.

The Gottman approach to couple counseling focuses on helping couples with increasing  their understanding of how their relationship is functioning through examination of the relationship since it started, exploring what is working and what is not, and offering the necessary steps to make the desired changes to increase the overall quality of the relationship.

The Gottman method counseling recognizes that each couple is unique , and that sometimes problems arise because of mismatches in  emotional matches between two  people in a relationship.

In the end, we help couples create shared meaning, make life dreams come true, manage conflicts, have the best positive perspective about their relationship, get committed, and to know another ‘s world.

Over the years,we have helped many couples solve their marital problems and create lasting solutions that have seen couples mend their relationships.

Other counseling services.

Workplace counseling.

Are you having bad days at work and you really don’t know where to turn? 

We will offer you the best workplace counseling such that you know what to do under the different situations that you find yourself at work.

Don’t quite your dream job because you feel so much pressure around your workplace, whatever problem that you may be facing, we will help you navigate through it with easy.

We offer other counseling services such as stress counseling, anger management, trauma and grief, career guidance counseling,Low-self esteem, substance abuse counseling, Panic disorder counseling, and others.

Our counseling prices in Uganda.

During the counseling exercise, we offer sessions. We charge per session. Each session is 1 hour and depending on the counseling needs, you may need one or more sessions to fully handle the problem at hand.

Online relationship therapy services.

We are the best relationship therapists who have worked with several couples from around the world. If you would like online marriage or relationship therapy, we will be available to assist you.

Our past clients have come from a number of countries and cities such as:

South Africa – Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Tanzania – Arusha, Dar es Salaam, and Mwanza.

Zambia – Lusaka.

Botswana- Gaborone.

Namibia- Windhoek.

Ethiopia – Addis Ababa.


Zimbabwe -Harare and Bulawayo.

Rwanda -Kigali.

South Sudan – Juba.



Kenya – Nairobi and Mombasa.


Malawi – Blantyre.

Nigeria -Lagos.



Puerto Rico.


Cayman Islands.





If you are looking for the best counseling services in Uganda and beyond, consider contacting us today.

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