How to prepare for counseling

You might have already booked a session to talk to a counsellor and you are wondering, what should I do? How do I prepare to meet the counsellor? It is not that hard to prepare for a counseling session and when it is done right, you will surely benefit from every counseling session that you might seek. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when preparing for counseling sessions:

Be ready to share

You must be prepared to tell your story about the problem that you are facing.  You need to be open to the counsellor, the counselor is not like your friends whom you discuss problems with and only to hear that they have told others your problems. Counsellors are confidential people, whatever that is talked about remains confidential,you will never hear it anywhere. This is the guarantee that you need to have in your mind that whatever shall be discussed remains confidential. After knowing this, be willing to open up and share your problem. We assume that by the time you seek the counseling help, you should have known that there is a problem. All you need to do is to share with the counsellor such that they might help you

It is okay to get emotional

Not every counseling problem involves emotions, but there are many counseling  sessions where emotions are involved. For example in Marriages, relationship, grief and loss, workplace and many others; In case you get emotional, don’t stop it, it is okay to get emotional in some counseling sessions and this is part of the healing process

Trust that the counsellor will help you

The counselors are always available to provide professional help to their clients. Trust that the counsellor will help you. And in case you do, he/she will surely provide the solutions to your situation.

Be willing to take the advice/help

Whatever the counsellor tells you to do from a professional standpoint, be willing to practice what you are told to do, this will help you heal or solve your problem

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